Exhibition: Phyllis Lambert: 75 Years At Work
18th January - 4th June 2017, CCA, Montreal, Canada
DATE: 4/6/2017
"The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) presents Phyllis Lambert: 75 Years At Work highlighting her deep commitment towards the city and the built environment and to intellectual research. From 18 January to 4 June 2017, the CCA´s exhibition halls tell the story of her ideas and her architectural, curatorial and editorial work, with material drawn from the CCA Collection, its institutional archives, and the Phyllis Lambert fonds. 

Lambert herself curates the exhibition, and the materials she has chosen give a chronological account of the great chapters and discoveries of her life: Her early work, the Seagram building, her architectural education and first steps in that profession, the Saidye Bronfman Centre project, photography missions, and conservation and restoration projects, both in Montreal and abroad, leading to the creation of the CCA. The selected archival material will reveal, through a series of case studies in chronological order, the constant radicalism of her life.

Known worldwide as an architect, author, researcher, lecturer, curator, architecture critic, patron of heritage, engaged citizen, activist, and founder of the CCA, Phyllis Lambert is constant in her insistence that "You must build things that express the best qualities of the society in which you live.""

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