Call for Papers: XY – Telling Pictures. Essays to Honour Lucio Saffaro
3rd January - 7th June 2017, Third Issue of XY
DATE: 27/3/2017
"XY and Saffaro Foundation invite you to submit proposals to be published in the third issue of XY, which carries on the course set with the start of the journal new series, by exploring the image centrality in thinking, acting and communicating art and science. Memories and critical thinking on the figure of Lucio Saffaro and his work as an artist, intellectual and scientist will be collected. Papers on the theme of the “telling” role of the image will also be selected, with special reference to the broad field of mathematical and scientific thought in general. The “eloquence of the picture” is the key through which we can pose the question of quality in the transmission of visual information, and focus on the excellent ways of building and communicative power of the graphic message. In this sense, the whole work of Lucio Saffaro is an irreplaceable model of consistency."

Key dates
Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 27th, 2017

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