95th Anniversary: Shukhov Tower
by Vladimir Shukhov, Moscow, Russia, 1922
DATE: 19/3/2017
Last 19th March 2017 was the 95th anniversary of Shukhov Tower!

"Designed by the Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov (1853-1939) and known after his name, the Shukhov Tower is a globally renowned broadcast transmission tower from the early twentieth century that still remains an icon of Moscow, being one of the vertical dominants in the skyline of the city. Despite inappropriate works of restoration carried out in the 1970s and the subsequent damages by corrosion, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece of structural engineering and a representative example of the Russian architecture from the Modern Movement. 

Its exceptional value comes from the innovative hyperboloid steel structure. The transparency and lightness of the structure evidence the prodigious skills of the Russian creators and represent their pioneering spirit and technical achievements."

Docomomo International is happy to celebrate the Shukhov Tower anniversary after being under threat in 2014.

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