Symposium: Asian Perspectives
17th-18th March 2017, School of Design & Environment, National University of Singapore, Singapore
DATE: 17/3/2017
"Featuring practitioners and academics from Asia coming together to share their experiences in engaging and empowering communities. This symposium brings together practitioners and academics from Asia to share their experiences of engaging and empowering communities to co-create spaces.  With rapid transformations of the urban and the rural environments in Asia, new thinking and new methods for working with local communities in planning and design of humane and quality places are of utmost urgency.  Public participation is a two-way interaction between the planner/designer and the user/stakeholder.  Planner/designer need to learn how to go into the community, to become part of it, and the user/stakeholder need to become active citizens in determining the outcomes of the physical environment.  A dialogue among presenters from six Asian countries will provide further understandings of the social contexts, the methodologies, and the learning processes in participatory community planning and design."

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