Publication: Sanriku Tsunami and reorganization of villages - Beyond Modern Disaster Reconstruction
by Kentaro Okamura, Kajima-publishing, 2017
DATE: 8/3/2017
"Sanriku area located in the northeastern part of Japan was hit by four tsunami disasters including the East Japan great earthquake (2011) since the Meiji Restoration (1867). However, the area has fulfilled the miraculous reconstruction every time. Among them, the reconstruction method of the Kirikiri Village settled as "the ideal village" at the Showa Sanriku Tsunami (1933) is still worthy of reference as "Merckumar of Modern Disaster Reconstruction ". This book clarifies the process of the reconstruction in villages, from the change of governance mechanism, the transition of institution and operation, and the dynamics of the people. And a contemporary reconstruction model will be woken up. This book contains many pictures of disaster areas photographed after the Great East Japan Earthquake."

Kentaro Okamura: The University of Tokyo, Assistant Lecturer. Born in 1981. Architectural history, urban history, disaster history.