Exhibition: Modern Architecture in Latin America
7th - 18th MArch, Rectory Hall, UFSC, Santa Catarina, Brazil
DATE: 7/3/2017
"The Architecture and Urbanism Course of UFSC promotes a conference call with Professor Fernando Lara on March 7, at 2 o´clock in the auditorium of the Rectory, as an opening of the exhibition "Modern Architecture in Latin America". The exhibition was designed to accompany the book Modern Architecture in Latin America: Art, Technology and Utopia, by Luis E. Carranza and Fernando Lara, released in January 2015. The exhibition is open until 18 March in the hall of the Rectory.

There are 300 illustrations organized in a time-line format, but that allow for different looks and narratives about the construction of Latin American modernity in its historical, social, political and cultural conditions. The exhibition, set up in March 2015, has since passed through the cities of Austin, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Saint Louis. After his passage through Florianópolis, he goes to Recife, Santiago and Bogota."

More details: website [portuguese]