Call for papers: Sophia Peer Review Journal
DATE: 23/2/2017
Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries

"Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries is the global theme addressing theoretical work that explores how image in the broad sense, i.e. comprehending how the worlds of photography, film, video, television and new media, works as an object of though, in Walter Benjamin’s sense, and as an object in itself that interacts with the world without other intermediations, in Susan Sontag’s or Rolland Barth’s sense. In this way, scopio Sophia wants to contribute to redefine the borders of the diverse worlds that think or use image and photography significantly as happens in visual, performing and the literary arts, taking its readers in the freshest directions: from architecture to philosophy, painting to performance, from photography to video or film. Thus, we are interested in receiving diverse texts thinking on how photography and image can be used for understanding critically the set of issues around the main theme of Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries.

Sophia peer reviewed journal is connected with the International Congress ON THE SURFACE: Photography and Architecture: Crossing Borders, Shifting Boundaries, which means, in this case, that some presented abstracts can be invited to integrate the 5th Edition of the Congress that will be held in FAUP, Porto at the end of 2018."

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