Call for papers: VIII AISU CONGRESS City, Travel, Tourism
7th - 9th September 2017, Napoli, Italy
DATE: 7/9/2017
"The VIII AISU Congress has as its theme the city as a travel destination throughout its long history: a basic human need, an event concerned with knowledge, education, business and trade and with military or religious conquests, but also related to exodus as a means of simply obtaining physical or spiritual salvation.
An ideal way to taste, to narrate, to represent or to enhance the city and its surroundings, to describe the landscape, to identify the monumental, urban and social poles that are useful for defining its identity in the context of inexorable transformations from ancient times to the contemporary world. The historic city will be investigated as a scene of artistic, literary production, as a place of the production of consumer goods related to travel, as well as in its more recent role as formidable attractor of a new cultural and touristic industry.
In the context of one of the most celebrated historical cities in the world, the cradle of Greek antiquity, myth and beauty, a timeless destination for both cultural and leisure travel, and today, more than ever, concerned with the conservation and development of its own identity, the conference will offer, in the tradition of AISU studies, a further opportunity for reflection and discussion between the various disciplines related to urban history."

Deadline for abstract proposals: 28 February 2017.

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