Call for papers: Empire, Capital and Transnational Resistance
13th -15th September 2017, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
DATE: 13/9/2017
"The anti-colonial revolts of the 1950s and 1960s ran into the sands of neoliberalism from the late 1970s onwards. Operating as it has through neoliberal structures, corporate power has since played an increasingly prominent role in government and governance in the former ?metropoles?, in former colonies, and in relations across the two.

The Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics welcomes interdisciplinary papers on the implications of, and forms of resistance to, the prominence of corporate power in the postcolonial age. We welcome contributions from, among others, philosophy, politics, ethics, area studies, global ethics, geography, cultural and critical theory.

Possible themes include:

* Philosophical, political and ethical analyses of ´Empire´, ´Capital´, ´Resistance´ and related concepts
* How the changing relationship between state and corporation relates to continuing colonial relations
* How the changing relationship between state and corporation affects understandings of citizenship
* The role of the state in a neoliberal and/or postcolonial age
* The interrelations between rising corporate power and the disciplinary and/or securitising powers of the state, in the context of neocolonialism and neoliberalism
* The implications of the above changes for political action and resistance today
* The role of postmodernism and the question of difference in the neoliberal conjuncture
* Understandings of anti- and/or de- colonial politics in this context
* What the experiences of ?the periphery? have to say about how we understand contemporary politics and political action
* Borders
* The relationship between (post)colonialism, (neo)liberalism and the rise of populisms (right and/or left)
* Trump, Brexit and the Right: implications for realignments of resistance"

Key dates:
Paper Submission :17th March 2017
Seminar: 13th-15th September 2017

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