Exhibition: Gio Ponti: LŽInfinito Blu
10th February - 5th March 2017, Palazzo della Trienale, Milan, Italy
DATE: 10/2/2017
"The project of Gio Ponti for the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento is part of the history of Italian architecture. Involves the entire building and, in particular, in collaboration with Ceramica DŽAgostino, declines hundred rooms, as well as the lobby, the reception, the bar, the restaurant, with different decorations and white ceramic blue, all achieved through a series of combinations "mathematical and geometric" that lead to a full set of 27 drawings, reproduced by hand, then as now, of ceramics 20 Ś 20 cm.

The exhibition presents, on the one hand, the original designs of Gio Ponti, with all working notes, photographs of the companyŽs laboratory where the architect has worked alongside the artisans and workers, along with original ceramics of the time; on the other hand, after about 60 years, you will see the faithful reproduction of 27 tiles, together with unpublished 5 decorations, not used for the Parc des Princes, now for the first time made by master decorators Ceramics Francesco De Maio, who noted, in 1990, the former Ceramics DŽAgostino, today Ancient Kilns DŽAgostino. Bridges writes, about the project of Sorrento, "given to one a square of twenty to twenty, and although all the centuries you are indulged with endless designs, there is always room for a new design, for your design, no there will never be the latest design ".

Here the modernity of Bridges: endless possibilities of design combinations, on one condition, though; that everything is done according to the rules of the "hand made", because only then the drawing as the color regenerate without ever running out. "Gio Ponti: The Infinite Blue" is not only an exhibition that reconstructs a privileged position, but it shows that you can always throw in a concept, a design philosophy, as long as the rules are always the same: "anything that does not both before in the hands ", and hands are the most direct expression of thought.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, which is home to a series of interventions by Aldo Colonetti, Gianni De Maio, Patrizia Famiglietti, Salvatore Licitra, Lisa Licitra Ponti, Fulvio Irace, Fabrizio Maute and especially a dialogue with Gillo Dorfles, a friend of Thu bridges, with whom he had a long association, especially during the management of "Domus"."

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