Exhibtion: Francisco Barata. Continuare Innovando
22nd February - 2nd April 2017, Sala San Giorgia — Biblioteca Malatestiana, Cesana, Italy
DATE: 22/2/2017
"During the past academic year the Master of Science in Architecture in Cesena has had as a Visiting Professor of the two major exponents of Porto Architecture, Faculty Adalberto Dias and Francisco Barata, consolidating a base of international relations, which is not limited only to the teaching activity by members of the international debate in our classrooms, continuing  with various initiatives of cultural exchange. Among these, following the exhibition on the works of Adalberto Dias, the exhibition on the works of Francisco Barata opens on February 22, following a tradition of exhibitions with publication of the catalog, which has accompanied the life of our institution since since its foundation in 1999, arriving with this event, the publication of issue 53 of the Architecture series.

The exhibition will take place at the San Giorgio Hall of Malatesta Library until April 2 and his inauguration will be preceded by a conference of the same Francisco Barata in the Great Hall of the complex of Malatesta.

Francisco José Barata Fernandes was born in Porto in 1950 and in the same city has taken the course of studies in architecture. He is Professor of Architectural Design at the Architecture Faculty of the University of Porto of which chairs the Scientific Council. With the contemporary Italian architecture and historical, he has a long and fruitful relationship of study and exchange. He was the author of important studies on his city and on contemporary architecture and coordinator of the studies that led to the recognition of the Alto Douro Wine Region as a World Heritage Site in 2001. It is the author of important architectural projects, eleven of which are shown in this exhibition, which express a particular sensitivity to the issue of coexistence of contemporary architecture with the historical architectural heritage."

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