Event: Donation of Alfredo Matos Ferreira’s archive to Fundação Marques da Silva
20th December 2016, 18h, Casa-Atelier José Marques da Silva, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 20/12/2016
On 20th December, will be formalized the donation of the Portuguese Architect Alfredo Matos Ferreira’s archive to Fundação Marques da Silva, in a contract that will be signed between FIMS, represented by its President, Prof. Maria de Fátima Marinho, and the heirs of Alfredo Matos Ferreira. The session will feature interventions by Architects Álvaro Siza, António Menéres, Sergio Fernandez, Dr. Mário Brochado Coelho and his granddaughter, the designer Joana Matos Ferreira de Sá.

To point out the moment, the exhibition "Terra d´Alva", the first module of a series of actions based on the work and the figure of Alfredo Matos Ferreira, will be inaugurated. It will be at Casa-Atelier José Marques da Silva until 13th February, 2017, the release date of the book Memória.

Free entry. Limited capacity venue.

More details: website (Portuguese)