Exhibition: Cuban Architects At Home and In Exhile: The Modernist Generation
4 November 2016-26 February 2017, Coral Gables Museum, Miami, US
DATE: 26/2/2017
“This scholarly exhibit will be the first to examine the lives and work of mid-20th-century Cuban architects in both Cuba and abroad. Visitors will see original documents, drawings, photographs, letters and other ephemera from public and private collections. Many artifacts come from straight the personal collections of Cuban architects and their families. Lending institutions include CINTAS Foundation, the Bacardi Archives, HistoryMiami, the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and University of Pennsylvania. Videos will portray the Cuban architects’ private lives, examples of Cuban architecture throughout the island, and details about the events in 1959 that affected the profession and teaching of architecture in Cuba. Co-curated by Victor Deupi and Jean-François Lejeune from University of Miami School of Architecture.”

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