Conference: Picturesque Modernities. Architectural Regionalism as a Global Process (1890-1950)
30 November - 2 December 2016, German Center for Art History, Hôtel Lully, 45, rue des Petits-Champs, 75001 Paris, France
DATE: 30/11/2016
“In the last twenty years, architectural historiography approached regionalism as a pan-European movement between 1890 and 1950 which, as a flipside of the International Modern Movement with its rationalist and cosmopolitan agenda, helped to reinforce regional identities through the language of regionalist building styles. When European nation states such as France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany etc. entered a late-modern phase of political saturation and a stronger need of cultural self-definition, architectural regionalism emerged as a polymorphic set of artistic strategies: fostered either by centralist regimes to stabilize the national project through a higher (however controlled) valorisation of its peripheral elements, or by centrifugal forces towards provincial independence.
To facilitate the discussion of structural analogies and connections across those divides, the presentations will address the […] questions on agency and process beyond a mere stylistic analysis
The international conference in French, English and German will take place from 30 November to 2 December 2016 at the German Center for Art History in Paris. It is a collaborative exercise between the Cluster of Excellence ´Asia and Europe in a Global Context – The Dynamics of Transculturality´ at Heidelberg University (and its project "Picturesque Modernities", directed by Michael Falser/Global Art History), the German Centre of Art History in Paris (directed by Thomas Kirchner), the University of Poitiers (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en histoire, histoire de l’art et musicologie/CRIHAM, with its project "Corpus numérique du patrimoine architectural en région", directed by Nabila Oulebsir), the Centre André Chastel (CNRS/University Paris-Sorbonne, directed by Alexandre Gady) and the Association d’Histoire de l’Architecture (directed by Jean-Baptiste Minnaert/University Paris-Sorbonne).

This conference is the second event after the International Conference "Picturesque Eye. Framing Regionalist Art Forms in Late Empires (1900-1950)" which took place in Vienna/Austria in December 2015.

After the 1,5-day conference at the German Center for Art History Paris, a half-day workshop for PhD-candidates will take place in the INHA (Institut national d´histoire de l´art).

The conference is open to the public.

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