Call for Feedback: Ross House
by Eric Lloyd Wright, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1957
DATE: 1/11/2016
The Neutra Institute’s Silverlake Museum has called for feedback on a concept of doing a HOUSE MUSEUM PROJECT. The project is outlined below in a text edited by the museum’s first director, Dion Neutra, architect, and also principal of the Neutra Practice, this year celebrating 90 years of service.

The idea is to occupy icons whereby a live in docent would live amongst artifacts and will hold open these buildings a few Sundays a year. The purpose is to preserve this heritage for posterity in a low key fashion. In order to do so, the parties would agree to not put their own furniture or artifacts on display, to preserve the historic fabric as much as it was left.

The institute project is intended to suggest a pattern which could be adopted all over the world, and could commence with the Eric Wright Ruth Ross House, which is left to the USC by owner Ruth Ross, who died last June.

Feedback is much appreciated in/re the following:

1. Would you be willing or know of types to act as property manager here, and for what cost?
2. Would you be willing to help the project vet what the effect this might have on the value of the house?
3. Who could emerge as eventual owner, who would preside over this program? Does anyone think of a patron, who might be wiling to step in and save this icon (estimate about 1.5M)?
4. What should be done first, or could there be done two things at once; vet possible tenants, and search for the patron? Find out what the market value is, to buy and the level of rent that could be supported, before and after the institution of this program?
5. The owner would agree to have the Institute’s Conservation Agreement program put on title to assure the integrity of the property. The rent proceeds would be used to maintain the property. Perhaps non-profit status could be sought, so as to make this more attractive tax wise.

For thoughts, recomendations and questions, please contact:
Dion Neutra
architect, AIA, FISD, President/Executive Consultant and First Museum Director acting for the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design aka THE NEUTRA SILVERLAKE MUSEUM