Book Presentations: Concrete and Culture and Algarve Building
18 November 2016, Auditório da Ordem dos Arquitectos, Lisbon, Portugal
DATE: 18/11/2016
On the 18th of November at 18h30, the presentation of two book will take place at the Auditório da Ordem dos Arquitectos in Lisbon (Tv. Carvalho 23).

The books that will be presented, are:

Concrete and Culture: A Material History by Adrian Forty (ReakLon Books)
Algarve Building: Modernism, Regionalism and Architecture in the South of Portugal, 1925-1965 by Ricardo Agarez (Routledge)

This evening will be followed by a round table with João Luís Carrilho da Graça, José Neves, Johan Lagae, Adrian Forty and Ricardo Agarez, and will be moderated by Marta Sequeira.

The session, which is organized by Bookstore A + A, will be held in English.

Original text and details: PDF below (Portuguese)