Announced Grants: Keeping it Modern - Getty Conservation Grants
2016 series of Architectural Conservation Grants announced
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The Getty Foundation developed Keeping It Modern, an international grant initiative that continues the deep commitment to architectural conservation with a focus on important buildings of the twentieth century. Keeping It Modern will support grant projects of outstanding architectural significance that promise to advance conservation practices. Grants focus on the creation of conservation management plans that guide long-term maintenance and conservation policies, the thorough investigation of building conditions, and the testing and analysis of modern materials. In select cases, grants may support implementation projects that have the potential to serve as models for the conservation of other 20th century buildings. Below is a list of 2016 grants awarded: 
Association de Gestion du Site Cap Moderne
Villa E-1027
Highland Green Foundation Inc.
First Presbyterian Church
Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi
Casa de Vidro
Comisión del Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación
Cristo Obrero Church
ArchiAfrika Accra
Children´s Library
The Writers´ Union of Armenia
Sevan Writers´ Resort
Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Trust
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Nirmala Bakubhai Foundation
Gautam Sarabhai Workshop Building
Kosovo´s Architecture Foundation
National Library of Kosovo

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