Publication: Greek Architecture in the 20th and 21st century: History, Theory, Criticism - Andreas Giacumacatos, editor
Conference Proceedings (Athens School of Fine Arts, May 22-24, 2014) - Gutenberg Editions, 2016.
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The proceedings of the 1st Conference of History of Architecture, which took place at the Athens School of Fine Arts in May 2014, have been compiled and published into a bound volume.
The different papers focus on historiography of Modern and Contemporary Greek architecture with a systematic and comprehensive manner and have been divided among the following categories:
1) Architecture and art from the end of Neoclassicism to the early 21st century;
2) History of interwar architecture;
3) "Theory of restoration" of architecture of the modern movement;
4) History of post-war architecture;
5) The contribution of architectural archives;
6) Theoretical assumptions about architecture of the 20th century;
7) Critical assesment of modern treaty.

"The complex general topics and new research approaches of individual subjects give the volume an original character, comprehensive and highly instructive for those interested in Greek architecture of our time."