Workshop: Neighbourhoods - The Big Reset on Neighbourhood Design. 3rd International Summer School in Design in Urbanism
27th July-6th August 2016, FAUP, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 27/7/2016
The third edition of the european Summer School will proceed with the debate on neighbourhood design. After the extremely successful start in Amsterdam, in 2014, and the fruitful re-edition in Istanbul, in 2015, this year, the Summer School will take place in the city of Porto.

The ten-day summer school - European Intensive Programme will consist of lectures, intensive workshop and critical debates. Students will work in international teams, debating and confronting their experiences and cultures, seeking to highlight new perspectives and approaches on the neighbourhood concept and design. It is expected a critical reflection on the issue, triggered by practical experimentation in the Porto context, which also implies the recognition of this particular urban reality and the understanding of its development processes.

The programme, challenging the role of urban planners and designers, is based on the idea that the contemporary neighbourhood is not a static concept, but rather a fluid notion open for multiple interpretations. It intends to question if a neighbourhood can be designed and planned. Is a neighbourhood a particular urban area with a defined target group of inhabitants and users? Or is a neighbourhood a more complex and open idea, grounded on the way people use the available network of public spaces? This last assumption points to the idea of working with the collective system of spaces and the facilities that enhance their individual capacities: the network and the multifunctional places.

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