Initiative: Un Dia, Una Arquitecta
DATE: 0/0/0
The aim of this action is to demonstrate the contribution of female architects, in different facets: architectural, urban and landscape design, techonology, publications, artist production, political, social habitat management, theory and teaching. The team in front of the initiative is formed by: Lorena Fernandez, Cecilia Kesman, Florence Marciani, Cayetana Mercé, Inés Moisset, Gueni Ojeda (Argentina), Sandra Gutierrez Poizat, Sofia Rivera (El Salvador), Eva Alvarez, Zaida Muxí Ines Novella, Joaquim Quixal (Spain), Cristina Dreifuss (Peru) and Daniela Arias (Uruguay-Spain). The group is completed by special guests who are responsible for specific entries.

They build, during 365 days, a kind of a timeline that allows understanding the work of female architects throughout history.

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