Conference: Miguel Mendes e as Culturas Construtivas Locais no desenvolvimento sustentável
20th July 2016, 18:30, Sala Plana, FAUP, Porto, Portugal
DATE: 20/7/2016
As part of the finissage of the exhibition ´Teresa Beirão - Uma obra dedicada à arquitectura de terra´, taking place on Wednesday July 20th, the evening will be highlighted by a talk presented by architect Miguel Mendes, on local constructive cultures and sustainable development. 

Admission is free (limited capacity) 

Miguel Mendes
Born in Lisbon in 1971. He studied architecture at the Lusíada University of Lisbon and the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy (1989-95), has a Master in Ecological Architecture from the Architecture Institute of San Francisco, USA (1995), and a graduate degree in Earth architecture from CRATerre (2000-2002). In his practice, he favours a bioclimatic and humanistic approach to architecture with a focus on the empowerment of local constructive cultures, through a sustainable development perspective. Member of  CRATerre and founding member of the Centro da Terra association, he is a promoter and defender of participatory architecture. Mendes has worked as a designer, teacher, and has been responsible for monitoring works in Portugal and several locations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

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