Exhibition: Norway - Architecture, Infrastructure, Landscape
23rd June-22nd July 2016, Milan, Italy
DATE: 22/7/2016
SpazioFMG opens a summer exhibition about the Norwegian landscape and architectural projects implemented in the context of the National Tourist Routes programme. The exhibition includes 22 shots by photographer Ken Schluchtmann and original materials from the architects representing the most interesting, top quality constructions. Guests at the opening: Beate Hølmebakk and Per Tamsen of Manthey Kula AS, Jette Hoop of Snøhetta and photographer Ken Schluchtmann.

Visitors are taken on a voyage of discovery of the Scandinavian country and the architecture and landscape projects constructed under the government’s National Tourist Routes programme, coordinating construction of quality projects at strategic points on some of the country’s most spectacular tourism itineraries since 1994.

The exhibition route at SpazioFMG begins with a series of photographic prints on the walls. At the same time, visitors can localise the projects on a large map of Norway on the floor, surrounded by technical materials supplied by the architects (drawings, images, texts), revised by the curators and summed up in short magazines available to the public to read.

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