Conference: MoA Book Club: Radical Pedagogies, Architectural Education and the British Tradition
2nd June 2016, 18:30, Sto Werkstatt, London, UK
DATE: 2/6/2016
MoA continues its monthly book club with a discussion about the state of architectural education with Harriet Harris, editor of Radical Pedagogies: Architectural Education and the British Tradition. Joined by two contributors to the publication, Harriet will be talking about exploring other models of professional education delivery, driven by the anticipated reduction in the length of compulsory study of architecture education in the UK and across Europe.

Radical Pedagogies: Architectural Education and the British Tradition provides a much needed debate about the future of architectural education, placing it within its unique historic tradition and raising questions as to where architecture schools should be situated, who should be teaching it and whether it should be treated as an interdisciplinary, rather than silo-based subject. The book comprises voices from students, recent graduates, practitioners, educators and developers, consolidating academic and well as practice-based evidence into a set of actionable insights which should question, provoke and inspire.

Harriet Harriss, editor of Radical Pedagogies
Robert Sakula, Director, Ash Sakula
Ciarán O´Brien, Founding Director, Red Deer
Nina Shen-Poblete, Core Associate, Store

By Museum of Architecture.

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