Call for papers: Examination of Architecture and Urban Design in the Second Half of the 20th Century
30th April 2016, Architektúra & Urbanizmus, Bratislava, Slovak
DATE: 30/4/2016
"The journal Architektura & Urbanizmus is the oldest uninterruptedly published periodical in Central Europe focusing on the publication of research results in the fields of architecture and urban design. It was launched in the mid-1960s with the ambition of forming a space for the confrontation of the most recent findings in the areas of architectural theory, urban planning and environmental protection within a broader international context. Attesting to these aims was the ambitious thematic range as well as the variety of authors represented in the first issues of the journal, including alongside leading Czech and Slovak researchers the publication of the article Architecture, Urbanism, City (Architektura, urbanizmus, mesto) by Manfredo Tafuri. However, the international isolation of Czechoslovakia following the Soviet invasion of 1968 made it impossible fully to realise the ambitions. Even though the Czechoslovak scholarly community strove to reflect in this journal the latest international discussion, it was achieved often only indirectly, at second-hand, or with great delay. Only following the political changes that swept across Europe in 1989 could the journal once again return to a full meeting of the expectations of its founders. During the years to follow, it gradually asserted its standing as a key medium in the regional intermediation of the results of research in the history and theory of architecture and urban planning. Moreover, the journal also served, and still continues to serve, a significant function in providing information about many long-marginalised parts of the architectonic scene behind the former Iron Curtain. 
In the year 2016, Architektura & Urbanizmus will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its founding. The half-century mark forms an opportunity for looking backward not only at the history of the journal itself, but even more significantly on the history of scholarly research on the topics that the journal has covered and covers today. As a result, in the year 2016 the journal intends to offer space for the publication of studies focusing on the history and the present state of research into architecture and urban design. We expect these studies primarily to address the Czech and Slovak, or respectively the Czechoslovak, scholarly and cultural area, yet we also welcome contributions that address these questions in a wider Central or Eastern European context and in the context of European periphery. We would also be interested in contributions analysing personalities and institutions that drew attention to this research or made significant contributions to it. Equally welcome are contributions reflecting the role of Architektura & Urbanizmus in stimulating discussion on architectural and urban design, or in transmitting the results of research on these topics."

Latest submission: 30th April 2016

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