Results: Reworking the Economic Miracle in Wolfsburg - Workshop 2014
Wolfsburg-Detmerode, 2014
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Workshop 2014: Reworking the Economic Miracle in Wolfsburg
Optimizing the performance of the satellite town Detmerode

"[...] The idea to work on the important settlement Wolfsburg-Detmerode and its ´urbanity through diversity´ was developed first, in January 2013, in talks with Winfried Brenne and Franz Jaschke, who at the time were planning the conservation campaign of the city theatre in Wolfsburg, designed by Hans Scharoun. Pierre Rey at the office of urban planning and Nicole Froberg, the head of Wolfsburg´s forum of architecture, than were most constructive in shaping the workshop´s specific form and very helpful in selecting the six objects for our investigation. These have been Baumgarten´s stepped high rise building, Scharoun´s Kindergarten, the six point houses, and to its side the shopping centre, the Erich-Kastner elementary school and its direct vicinity, and finally Detmerode´s landmark, the two high rises, named in common parlance Don Camillo and Peppone. [...]"

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