Conference: Modern Heritage Identifying, Assessing and Managing its Protection and Conservation
10th - 13th March 2016, Florence, Italy
DATE: 10/3/2016
"The International Scientific Committee for Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration in collaboration with the International Scientific Committee Twentieth Century Heritage and the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism is organizing the International conference entitled "Modern Heritage - Identifying, Assessing and Managing its Protection and Conservation" (Florence, 10th-13th March, 2015).

The aim of the conference is to share current state-of-the-art practice in identifying assessing and managing modern heritage, in particular concerning the criteria and methodology of selection of modern heritage as well as the forms of its protection, conservation and management.
In compliance with the aim of the conference and the tasks of the organizers, the presentations should lead to conclusions, which can be used to develop the contemporary conservation theory and practice regarding the modern heritage. [...]"

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