Forum: 6th International Forum of NGOs-UNESCO
15th March 2016, UNESCO, Paris, France
DATE: 15/3/2016
In the end of May-early June 2016, it will take place the 6th International Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO, under the provisional theme "From Promoting to Constructing Peace".

The online discussion platform concerning the organisation of the Forum is available here until 15th March 2016. The aim is to collect points of view of different NGOs worldwide.

"[...] In accordance with the Directives concerning UNESCO´s partnership with NGOs, adopted by the General Conference in 2011, the Forum is organized by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee in close cooperation with the UNESCO Secretariat, and with the active participation of NGO partners of UNESCO.
It will be addressed primarily to NGOs in official partnership with the Organization, but is also open to the participation of other NGOs and institutions, and representatives of Member States.
During two days of discussions and workshops, the Forum intends to multiply our efforts to develop a culture of peace together and at all levels, one of the main challenges being to foster a better dialogue, understanding and sharing with and between different cultures and civilizations.
The Forum is also expected to highlight meaningful experiences of promoting and building peace by NGOs.
Thus, we will be able, after this forum, to create a broad alliance of existing NGOs movements federating all those who are already working for this culture of peace. [...]"

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