Conference: Critical Distance with Ellen van Loon – OMA
17th February 2016, 7 pm, Main Auditorium of CCB, Lisbon
DATE: 17/2/2016
Critical Distance consists in the organisation of international conferences that have as guests, respected architects, which are asked to confront their work with critics. Already passed for Critical Distance: Herzog & de Meuron, Kazuyo Sejima, Tony Fretton, Alberto Campo Baeza, Manuel Aires Mateus, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Smiljan Radic, Bijoy Jain and Jacob van Rijs.

Ellen van Loon joined OMA in 1998. Some of her most significant contributions include the new G-Star Headquarters (Amsterdam, 2014), New Court, the Rothschild Bank headquarters (London, 2011); the Prada Transformer pavilion (Seoul, 2009); Casa da Música (Porto, 2005).

After the conference, Ellen van Loon will start a conversation with Pedro Bai­a, where welcome the audience to participate with questions.

Watch here an interview with Ellen van Loon.

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