Conference: The Sixth mASEANa International Conference
25th - 27th October 2018, Bangkok, Thailand
DATE: 27/10/2018
The sixth mASEANa International Conference — The Future of the Past : Materiality and Resilience of Modern Architecture in Southeast Asia was held in the Bangkok, Thailand, between 25th and 27th October 2018.

During the 20th century, modern architecture in Southeast Asia had evolved through the creative appropriation and experimentation with construction materials such as concrete, wood, steel, and bamboo, among others, were crucial to the construction of modern buildings throughout the region, leaving us with modern architectural heritage. After enduring through the 20th century, what is the future of Southeast Asia’s modern architectural heritage? 

This sixth conference, organised on the occasion of the mASEANa Project, was meant to investigate issues pertaining to the resilience of these buildings: possible ideas for adaptive reuse, authenticity, and originality.

The conference was divided into two parts and it was held in two different venues: 
- On October 25th, the selected venue was the Chulalongkorn University. There were keynote addresses, as well as presentations pertaining to the materials and techniques used in modern Southeast Asian architecture, focusing both on inter-Asian exchanges, as well as local experimentations with modern materials and techniques;
- On October 26th, held at the Bank of Thailand, the conference had presentations on the future of modern architectural heritage in Southeast Asia - their resilience, adaptive reuse, and preservation in various forms.

Exhibition, Tours and Workshops
In conjunction with the conference, mASEANa also held various other learning activities during these days: a workshop on modern architectural heritage of Bangkok; an exhibition was held at Bangkok Art and Culture Center; a tour of Chulalongkorn University’s modern architectural heritage and a day-long visit to four landmarks of modern architecture in Bangkok.

Docomomo International will continue collaborating with mASEANa project, for the protection, conservation and promotion of modern heritage monuments and sites in the ASEAN countries.

The mASEANa Project 2015-2020: Appreciating Asian Modern is a project promoted by docomomo Japan that came from the coalition of docomomo International, mAAN and ICOMOS ISC20c, with the support of the Japan Foundation with The Toyota Foundation, for the protection, conservation and promotion of modern heritage monuments and sites in south-east Asia.

More details, and the Photographic report can be found: mASEANa Project Facebook

The Programme information can be found on: PDF below

© Photo by Hiroaki Anamizu , 2018.