Conference: The Third mASEANa International Conference
12th-13th March 2017, Tokyo, Japan
DATE: 12/3/2017
The Third mASEANa International Conference — Modern Architectural Heritage in ASEAN and Japan — was held in the National Museum of Western Art and in The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, between 12th and 13th March 2017.

"ASEAN countries today are taken an impressive leap forward. Yet in the whirlpool of the growth, many significant pieces of modern architecture are about to vanish before their value is truly recognised. Deeply concerned with this issue, in November 2015, Docomomo Japan and The Japan Foundation launched "mASEANa Project" as a platform for international discussion.
In this March in Tokyo, mASEANa provides the opportunity to discuss recent activities in Vietnam, modern architecture surveys in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and highlights from the International Conference Pioneers of modern Architecture held in Hanoi in January 2017. In addition, with reference to the inscription of National Museum of Western Art, designed by Le Corbusier in Tokyo, as a World Heritage Site, we reconsider the meaning of the Convention and particularities as well as universality within modern architecture in Asia."

Docomomo International will continue collaborating with mASEANa project, for the protection, conservation and promotion of modern heritage monuments and sites in the ASEAN countries.

The mASEANa Project 2015-2020: Appreciating Asian Modern is a project promoted by docomomo Japan that came from the coalition of docomomo International, mAAN and ICOMOS ISC20c, with the support of the Japan Foundation with The Toyota Foundation, for the protection, conservation and promotion of modern heritage monuments and sites in south-east Asia.

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