Conferences: Project, Histoire, Construction. Nouveaux regards sur le patrimoine récent
3rd March - 30th May 2016, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
DATE: 3/3/2016
docomomo Switzerland and TSAM Laboratoire des Techniques et de la Sauvegarde de l´Architecture Moderne - ENAC/EPFL are organizing the series of conferences "Project, History, Construction", to be taking place between 3rd March and 30th May 2016, at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, in Switzerland.

"Documenting twentieth-century architectural production through a meticulous material understanding of it and defining strategies for conservation based on appropriate critical and operational instruments: this is the twofold objective shared by the international organisation Docomomo and the TSAM EPFL-ENAC laboratory, which has hosted the association´s Swiss headquarters since autumn 2015. 

Project, history, construction. New views on the recent heritage: jointly organised by TSAM and Docomomo Switzerland, a first cycle of conferences is intended to restore the multiple potential for preserving the modern built and contemporary heritage, with an approach that lies at the crossroads between history of architecture and the practice of the project in the existing.

Hosted by the Archizoom "Project Room" at the EPFL, the contributions assess the state of an issue that continues to evolve, by taking advantage of a broad and markedly plural network of knowledge."

3 March - Prof. Dr. Ana Tostoes, Docomomo International Chair
14 March - Architect Florian de Pous, Lacaton et Vassal
18 April - Engineer-Architect Veronique Boone, Docomomo Belgium
2 May - Prof. Martin Boesch, Boesch Architekten
23 May - Architect Fracois Botton, Chef des Monuments Historiques
30 May - Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder, ETH Zurich

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