Dossier: Preservation Technology Dossiers 1-7 available of free

The following Preservation Technology Dossiers have been made available for free by ISC/Technology: – Dossier 1: Curtain Wall Refurbishment – Dossier 2: The Fair Face of Concrete – Dossier 3: Reframing the Moderns – Dossier 4: Wood and Modern Movement – Dossier 5: Modern Colour Technology – Dossier 6: Stone in Modern Buildings – Dossier 7: Technology of Sensations You can access all the public dossiers here.

15 IDC – Programme available 15th International DOCOMOMO Conference
28th - 31st August 2018, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Docomomo International and Docomomo Slovenia informs that the Programme for the 15th International Docomomo Conference is now available at! We are looking forward to see you all in the Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 28th and 31st August 2018! ABOUT Every two years docomomo (the international committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement) organizes an international conference, bringing together docomomo members and friends from its 72 national Working Parties, as an opportunity for in-depth exploration of an important theme or aspect of the Modern Movement. The forthcoming conference is being hosted by docomomo Slovenia and will take place at…

Bulletin Docomomo France special number: “Claude Parent, la pensée subversive / l´œuvre perturbatrice”
By Richard Klein, Docomomo France, 2017

Is now available the Bulletin Docomomo France special number: “Claude Parent, la pensée subversive / l´œuvre perturbatrice”. “Architect, theorist, artist, draftsman, polemicist, Claude Parent was undeniably a figure with brilliant and contradictory personality; A blend of charisma, ego, creativity and talent. A stranger to conventional categorization because of his anti-conformist and provocative attitudes, this uneducated rebel, anti-school of Fine Arts (but elected academic in 2005), frequented the post-war avant-garde , Created in 1951 by the sculptor André Bloc and the neo-visual artist Félix del Marle, to the circle of Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Nicolas Schöffer and the architect Ionel Schein. As a precursor,…

Recordings: [RT5] Docomomo’s 25th+1 Anniversary, Time for Adaptive Re-thinking?

Docomomo International is happy to share the roundtable [RT5] Docomomo’s 25th+1 Anniversary, Time for Adaptive Re-thinking?, recorded on video, as part of the 14th International Docomomo Conference []. The roundtable, chaired by Hubert-Jan Henket and Stella Maris Casal, discussed the working of Docomomo till now: “Have we played out all the issues concerning the importance, validity and perspectives of Modern Movement architecture in the 21st century and beyond? Has the time come to propose new challenges?” In the links below you can find the several recordings: 1. Introduction 2. Iveta Cerna 5. John Allan 6. Maija Kairamo 7….