Tropical Modernity: A Hybrid-Construct in South China
Rui Leão, Charles Lai

Parallel to the discourse of Tropical Architecture and the work of UK architects in the British colonial territories in the Middle East, Africa, and India after the WWII, climate adaptation designs or devices such as brise-soleil, perforated cement bricks, sun shading screens, courtyards, etc., started to emerge in modernist buildings in Asia. This article is a preliminary survey of these cases in Hong Kong and Macau since the 1950s. It discusses how tropicality was used in response to the post-war revisionism of Modern Movement that placed emphasis on local identity and culture.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Tropical architecture, Modern diaspora, Design with climate, Hong Kong modern architecture, Macau modern architecture.

Issue 63
Year 2020
Pages 56-61

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