The Verseidag Silk Factory in Krefeld. Architectural History and Restoration of a much-neglected Mies van der Rohe Project
Norbert Hanenberg, Daniel Lohmann

Although the buildings for the Verseidag silk factory, in Krefeld, Germany, are the only factory buildings that Mies van der Rohe ever planned and built (1931-38), many open questions remain about the history and development of the site. The paper presents new research results on the architectural history and materiality of the site that are derived from detailed documentation on site and analysis of newly available archive material. The scientific results and the acquired knowledge directly influence the current restoration of the buildings, in which the key characteristics designed by Mies van der Rohe are preserved and restored.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Mies van der Rohe, International Style, Rehabilitation of modern architecture, Modern building materials, German modern architecture, Verseidag Silk Factory.

Issue 56
Year 2017
Pages 16-25

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