Religious Tropical Architecture: the churches of Leandro V. Locsin in the Philippines
Jean-Claude Girard

The focus of this contribution is on the importance of tropical architecture in the work of Leandro V. Locsin, in the context of post-WWII in Asia. Based in the Philippines, Locsin is immersed in the Christian tradition – the main religion of a country that was dominated by the Spanish crown from the mid 16th-century to 1898, and where the Catholic Church remains powerful across much of the archipelago today. Attention is focused on Locsin’s religious buildings and projects, where he succeeded in giving a new treatment to the tropical architecture of faith-based structures, through the integration of climate considerations and the reinterpretation of vernacular architecture of the Philippines.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Tropical architecture, Modern diaspora, Design with climate, Leandro V. Locsin, Modern churches, Philippines modern architecture.

Issue 63
Year 2020
Pages 76-79

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