“Our Cinderella North” – The Modern Diaspora’s long reach into Australia’s tropical zones
Elizabeth Musgrave

Modernism in tropical in Australia is testimony to the tenacity and optimism of individuals and communities in the vast, “empty north” of the continent, but also reflects a young nation’s strategic and commercial need to develop and make viable this region in the years following WWII. As practitioners, academics and public servants, the Modern Diaspora, introduced and promoted Modernism as a climate responsive solution to building in the tropics. The result is work that is inventive, frequently of modest material means and expressive of its tropical circumstances.

Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Tropical architecture, Modern diaspora, Design with climate, Australian modern architecture.

Issue 63
Year 2020
Pages 40-47
DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.52200/63.A.9ECAUPWN

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