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Dimensions (length x width x height):
21 cm × 3 cm × 30 cm

1560 g



Eighth International Docomomo ConferencePostwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945–75, New York (September 26–October 2, 2004), 502 p.

Introduction: Docomomo US and Change in Preservation in America by Theodore H.M. Prudon & Hélène Lipstadt — The 2004 Conference Theme by Hélène Lipstadt

Internationalization: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, Van Ginkel, Blanche Lemco and the Internationalization of CIAM by Kelly Crossman — Brazilian Modernism on the European Campus: The Casas do Brasil in Paris and Madrid by Martina Millà Bernad — Sunset or Sunrise? Modernist Embassy Architecture and the Twilight of British Empire by Miles Glendinning — Socialist Realism vs. Socialist Modernism: History and Meanings of the Tower of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia by Vladimir Kulic — Claude Laurens and a New Architecture for ‘le Nouveau Congo:’ Assessing Postwar Tropical Modernism in a Colonial Context by John Lagae — (Inter)nationalizing Modernism: The Case of Finnish Architecture by Petra Ceferin — The Demonstration of Everyday Modernism: Documenting the Architecture of the VIIth British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Western Australia of 1962 by Hannah Lewi — Internationalization at the New York World’s Fair of 1964–65 by Julie Nicoletta — Influence and Transformation: The Saskatchewan Power Corporation Headquarters by Bernard Flaman — A Modern Museum in an Old House by the Sea: Lina Bo Bardi and the Modernism of Bahia by Silvana Rubino — Augusto H. Alvarez: Pioneer and Innovator of Mexican Modernity by Maria de Lourdes Cruz Gonzalez Franco — From International to National and Back: The Heritage of Modern Movement in the New Socialist Town of Nowa Huta by Roberta Chionne — Kunio Maekawa’s ‘Technical Approach’ to the Creation of a Modern Japanese Architecture by Hiroshi Matsukuma — Study on Collaborative Projects by Modern Architects: Urban Design Projects from 1945–70 by Yasunori Kitao — The Role of Architectural Precast Concrete Technology in the Internationalization of Postwar Modernism by Jack Pyburn — 1945–70: How the Media Built Brazilian Architecture by Beatriz Santos de Oliveira — Negotiating Diversities: Passages to Modernity of Post-independence India: 1945–57 by Kiran Joshi — The Iconic and the Ordinary by Ela Kaçel — The United Nations Headquarters in the 21st Century: Restore or Rethink by David N. Fixler — Is Modernism Un-American? Rethinking Richard Neutra’s Monumental ‘Failure’ at Gettysburg by Christine Madrid French

Polarization: Fading Architecture of Progress: Modernizing Hong Kong and ‘Liberated’ China, 1945–66 by Jeffrey W. Cody — The Stalinstadt Experiment: East Germany, 1950–61 by Lars Scharnholz — Another Kind of Modernism: Trends in Postwar Architectural Ideology and Practice in Socialist Bulgaria 1944–89 by Milena Metalkova-Markova — Ideology and Aesthetics in Brazilian-US Relations 1945–60 by Sonia Marques & Guilah Naslavsky — Deconstructing Formalism: Socialist Realism versus Modernist Architecture by Carmen Popescu — Postwar Low-cost Housing in South Africa: Ideal and Reality by Alta Steenkamp

Reconstruction and Rebuilding: The Reconstruction of Dunkirk by Philippe Louguet — The Reconstruction of Le Havre (1945–59): Perret Confronts Industrialized Construction, or the Demise of the Frame by Yvan Delemontey — Something Old, Something New: Postwar Planning and Preservation in Paris by Tami Hausman — Irredentist Urbanism: Border Dispute, Rapprochement and Modern Architecture in Alsace-Lorraine, 1945–65 by Charissa N. Terranova — The Postwar Productions of the Public Works Department of Singapore (PWD) by Wong Yunn Chii — To Rationalize, Functionalize, and Internationalize Japan: The Role of the Architects in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in the Postwar Period, The Case of Hideo Kosaka by Kenji Watanabe & Yoshiyuki Yamana — Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam Reviewed by Hielkje Zijlstra — The Future has a Dubious Past: The Ambiguous Role of the ‘Old’ in the Plan for the ‘New Warsaw,’ 1949–55 by David Snyder — Late Modern Buildings in a Historic Town Center: A Case Study by Grazyna Hryncewicz-Lamber — The Reconstruction of the ‘Mostra D’Oltremare’ in Naples by Paola Ascione & Marisa Zuccaro — Vällingby Center: Stockholm after Fifty Years, Preservation and Revitalization by Britt Wisth — Architectural Ideals in Rebuilding and Rehabilitation of Modern Housing by Sonja Viden

Resistance and Independence: Preservation as Confrontation in the Work of Lina Bo Bardi by Zeuler R. Lima — The Sao Paulo Museum of Art by Marcos José Carrilho — Eladio Dieste’s Latin American Modernity by Pablo Castro & Jennifer Lee — Alternate Visions for a Modern Singapore by Dinesh Naidu, Ho Weng Hin & Tan Kar Lin — The International and the Regional in Late Twentieth Century Bosnian Architecture by Erika Tapp — Justifying the Ornamental in Postwar Modernism: Rudolph’s Arts Center at Wellesley by John Rhodes — Australian Resistance, Subsequent Fall: Modernism and the National Gallery of Victoria (1968) by Philip Goad — Brussels: Postwar Modernity and the City, Confrontational Testimony of a Changing Political Debate by Iwan Strauven & Benoît Moritz — ‘The Hidden Face of the Sun:’ European Travelers in American Counterculture by Caroline Maniaque

Time Zones: The IS Bank Skyscraper: The Modern Office Block in Turkey by Elvan Altan Ergut — The Impact of Modernity and Tradition in Post-1950 Kathmandu Valley Architecture by Biresh Shah

Utopias: Utopia Above Utopia: Oscar Niemeyer’s Negev Plan, Israel, 1964 by Zvi Elhyani — Kenzo Tange and the Skopje City Center Reconstruction Plan by George Kunihiro — ‘Ecumenopolis:’ Doxiadis’s City of the Future by Panayiota Pyla — Rudolf Schwarz and the City-Landscape: Can the Urban Save the Rural? by Panos Mantziaras — The Brussels Atomium and the Popular Appeal of ‘Humanized’ Nuclear Science by Rika Devos, Charlotte Nys & Michel Provost — Ephemerality or Permanence? Cedric Price’s Inter-action Center by Mary-Louise Lobsinger


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