Lectures: Modern Architecture in Global Context: Dialogue with Professor Ana Tostões
24th January – 8th March 2017, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
DATE: 24/1/2017
The chair of Docomomo International, Prof. Ana Tostões, is going to overlook the Modernity in Global Architecture through a series of 4 architectural dialogues that will take place at the University of Tokyo, Japan, between 24th January and 8th March 2017. The 45-minute presentations will be followed by discussion with the audience.
All sessions will be held at Kasaoka Lounge, C Block, second floor, IIS, The University of Tokyo. The coordinators are Shin Muramatsu and Yoshiyuki Yamana.

1. Brazilian modern: Modern Movement in Latin America:
1800-2100 pm, 24 January, 18-21pm
Moderator: Yasuko Kamei, Commentator: Yoshiyuki Yamana

2.The Modern and Portuguese Modern: Center and Periphery of Modern Architecture in Europe
14 February, 18-21pm
Moderator: Yasuko Kamei, Commentator: Yoshitake Doi

3.African Modern: Modern in Developing Countries
22 February, 18-21pm
Presenter: Ana Tostoes, Moderator: Yasushi Zenno, Commentator: Shin Muramatsu

4.Japanese Modern: Learning from Tradition
8 March, 18-21pm
Presenter: Hiroyasu Fujioka, Moderator: Yasushi Zenno, Commentator: Ana Tostões

More details: PDF below