Exhibition: Am Ende: Architektur. Zeitreisen 1959 2019
6 October 2016 -20 March 2017, Architekturzentrum Wien, Vienna, Austria
DATE: 20/3/2017
To mark the retirement of founding director Dietmar Steiner the Az W takes a look, with him, at sixty years of international architectural history. The dissolution of CIAM in 1959 marked the "failure" of the modern movement which plunged architecture into a profound crisis. From this starting point the exhibition meanders through history, making stops where Dietmar Steiner underwent his own personal architectural socialisation process. The historical examples of architecture are contrasted by the curators with contemporary positions that show, with the breadth of diversity, that architecture is a long way from the end. The dialogue between the two storylines of the exhibition is intended to prove that a critical new beginning is inherent to every "End".

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